Cree stud was founded on strong commercial values and selection of bulls and heifers is done with this as the foremost objective. Our objective is to breed quality sound cattle with positive commercial traits and to this end we are a member of Group Breedplan with our aim to breed well balanced cattle, and feel "If it can't be measured it can't be managed".

Foremost we aim to breed cattle with the ability to finish easily to meet diverse markets.

Females are joined from November to February in single sire herds of approx 40 head, with the exception of the heifers which are joined for 90 days in a multiple sire situation.

An annual pregnancy test is conducted with all empty cows removed from the herd, with the exception of heifers which conceived as yearlings. These are allowed one chance.

Any female PTIC which fails to wean a calf is also culled.

Strict adherence to these guide lines ensures a functional and productive herd, with minimal impact from reproductive diseases. This ensures that only females with high constitution and desirable fertility traits are bred.

The breeders are individually appraised both visually and on performance data, including previous calves and joined to a complimentary sire.

The Cree Stud Sires are annually semen tested including morphology.

Hair Analysis DNA (Sire Trace)

Hair Analysis Pesti Virus: Weaner Bulls


Electronic Data Collected for the following traits.

Male Progeny
: 200 / 400 / 600 Day Weights & Scrotal Measurement / EMA, P8, RIB & IMF Fat Scans/ Flight time/ % Normal sperm
Mature Cow Weight & Weaner Weight
Days to Calving EBV & Calving Interval

Female Progeny: 200/ 400/ 600 Day Weights/ EMA P8/ Rib & IMF Fat Scans/ Ovarian Scan Yearling Heifers & Flight Time
Mature Cow Weight & Weaner Weight
Days to calving EBV & Calving Interval

Worm Testing

EU Accredited

Vaccination Program: 5:1, 7:1, Lepto, 3 Germ Blood, Botulism, 3 Day Sickness, Vibrio, Pesti guard.

Semen Testing: Crush side and Morphology