All of the Cree herd is handled with dogs by horse back and motor bike. The cattle are introduced to dogs at weaning and remain easy and manageable for life.

Shuan has been breeding working dogs for many years. Due to his sucess in the trial ring he has conducted Dog Training Schools through out Queensland.

The pure bred Border Collies we have today are direct descendents of our very sucessful "Parr's Magic".

"Parrs Magic" won many cattle and sheep dog trials including :

3 times Queensland Open Dog of the Year

3 Australian Championship Open Trails

1 Queensland Championship Open Trail

3 times Queensland Rep State of Origin

Agregate Cattle & Sheep Trail Roma 2000

Lookerbie Guinea, Murphy and Lurch

Shaun demonstrating Working Dogs at Santa Gertrudis Beef Assessment School at Gatton University

Jo mustering Sale bulls with Lookerbie Guinea, Murphy and Lurch

Lookerbie Mate